Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Convoy Action in Spain

More Sharp Practice:

The further dispatches of Ricardo Afilado, Hefe of the Regimentar Fuego a Volidad.

Dispatch from the recent action near Fools Crossing, South Western Spain.

Yet again, those foolish Englishment have relied upon our Gallant Spanish forces to save them from disaster.

That Damn English Colonel, to who we have so unfortunately been assigned, saw fit to exclude us from the convoy interception by assigning us the role of preventing relief forces coming from the West. Miles from the actual target of operations.

Needless to say, the French Convoy seems to have escaped, and reports are now circulating that the English have been making free with Spanish gold in the nearby towns already. No reports have yet confirmed the fate of the extremely important consignment of Amontillado, however.

We began operations by taking up our assigned positions covering the road to the west, having first ensured that no French Voltiguers were lurking in the nearby fields - as they are wont to do, the cowardly dogs.

We then sucessfully liaised with the local irregulars, and agreed a joint operation in the interests of Spain to ensure that what is Spanish should remain in Spanish hands.
They were to secure the more bulky items to a place of secrecy, my men would assist, and protect the afforementioned Amontillado consignment.

At this point a Division of French Cavalry began to charge the exposed rear of the English line. Had it not been for us, there would be many an English mother mourning her son at this very moment.

I counted two regiments of Cuirassiers, a squadron of Grenadiers a cheval, two squadrons at least of those damnable Polish red coated lancers, and what appeared to be a detachment of Mameluks. This information may suggest that the Ogre himself was nearby overseeing events.

Men of Spain, we certainly showed him something this afternoon!

Even when they closed on us to bayonet point, my brave men did not take a step back. We detroyed all who stood before us, and routed all but a few of the remaining lancers.
Not a man broke ranks, not a foot stepped backward in the face of repeated charges by the best horsemen in the invaders army, and not a musket was fired prematurely.

Such bravery can only come from a true Spanish patriot!

Ably assisted by the local irregulars, who accepted my command willingly, we saw off this determined threat, securing the flank of the English - who, it should be noted, had their entire force utterly exposed to this mounted threat.
Truely, we saved their backsides again.

Sadly, the irregulars, not being as disciplined as our own true men, made a greater sacrifice. But we hope that the information we gave them will be of use when they return later this evening to secure the property of Spain for the Spanish once more.

It is with some regret, that I therefore have to report that those damn fool Englishment have again failed to take elementary preacatuions, completely neglecting to close the road behind the convoy, before springing their ambush.

Thankfully, we expect the local Spanish irregulars to complete the task once night falls.

Viva free Spain.