Saturday, 25 July 2009

Shako 2 Game

Friday saw an 'extra' gathering of Phoenites for a daytime game of Shako 2. After half a dozen games I'm finding these to be a well integrated and coherent set of rules that plays quickly and can be grasped instinctively by experienced gamers - factors that for me outweigh any foibles. Of all the sets I've tried since I started this project, this is the one I'd pick as my favourite - especially to play with someone not particularly into the period.

Since Claymore 06 I've been building a pair of armies for the Peninsular War in 28s. Next week will be the third anniversary of this project. I've painted over a thousand figures myself, and eBay assistance takes the total to a smidge under 1400 in total. I may add some Spanish and a couple more units and then take a break - other than gaming with them.

Here are the French:

That is 730 figures with 33 battalions of foot, 15 regiments of cavalry [too many I know, but they are pretty] and seven batteries. 35 Generals! Mostly French. A divisions worth of Germans - Westfalian, Bavarian and Swiss

And here are the Allies:

Lagging behind slightly with only 653 figures [1378 in total] with 29 line battalions and fourteen cavalry regiments and seven batteries. Also 28 Generals - meaning I've painted 63 Generals! More mixed than the French with a good dollop of Portuguese [including a cult favourite - the Loyal Lusitanian Legion] but only one Spanish battalion.

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